Items needed from the customer:

  • Taxes last 2 years (full if self-employed or W2's will usually work).
  • Homeowners insurance declarations page, or agents name and contact number.
  • Most recent 2 paycheck stubs for each borrower on loan.
  • Correct account information on any anad all accounts, and addresses and phone numbers for Customer Service if possible.
  • Most recent 2 months bank statements (all pages) to verify assets.
  • Copy of any statement regarding 401K, IRA, stocks or bonds listed on application (all pages).
  • Bankruptcy papers (with schedule of debtors) if applicable (chapter 7 or 13).
  • Copy of divorce decree or any settlements if applicable.
  • Completed letter of explanation for lsow pays, derogatory credit fo multiple credit bureau inquiries.
  • Copy of drivers license and social security cards for both borrowers.

Additional information for purchases

  • Purchase agreement (make sure page 5 is signed by seller)
  • Realtor information and Title company names and contact numbers.
  • Source of down payment if applicable.
  • Previous rental history information if no previous mortgage (landlord information, cancelled checks, etc.)